Which is Better - AMD or Intel

You may get the most fanciest of all laptops, with great features and looks. But then, what really matters is the real machine which lies beneath. And what I am talking about is the processor. Today, the market is flooded with quite a few processors, and amongst them, the most popular are Intel and AMD processors. Both of these just makes the buyer more confused and difficult for one to decide which is better, AMD or Intel. Well, let us find that out.

I still remember a few years back, I had invested a huge amount of money to get my PC, and this was about six or seven years back. It was huge and I had to clear a lot of space in my room to accommodate it. I am sure, if you must have seen them you must be knowing what I am talking about. They had huge monitors and CPU cabinets. Today, they would be hard to find even at the scrap dealer. Nowadays, what we have around is the laptops and notebook PCs. With more and more laptop manufacturers coming up with each unique feature in their respective machines, it really becomes a tough job to choose a laptop in between AMD vs Intel machines.

Which is Better - AMD or Intel Laptops?

Generally, buyers of laptops will always look for two major aspects when deciding to purchase a laptop, and that is the laptop specifications and the price. Most of the times, it is the price which is considered for those who just need a mobile computer. What most of them forget to notice is the small sticker on these laptops which is that of the processor manufacturing company. If you have been out for laptop shopping, you must have noticed that the market out there is dominated by two major CPU makers, and those are Intel and the AMD. Both have their ups and downs.

The major difference between the two is the price. Let's do a comparison between AMD vs Intel processors. So assume that there are two laptops, both having similar specifications and features but with different processors. Now the one with the AMD processor would be less expensive than that which comes with Intel. Though, the market is still dominated by Intel, because of many preferring Intel over AMD. And I could never figure it out, why? Maybe it is because of the marketing and product awareness which they employ. Another major difference in between them is the laptop battery power consumption. Laptop testings have shown that Intel based machines had far much better battery consumption than AMD. It was found out that after getting fully charged, Intel machines ran and lasted 40% more time than AMD. This means that Intel powered machines uses battery power efficiently.

Which is Better - AMD or Intel for Gaming?

For gaming enthusiasts, what matters the most is how big is the graphic card or the video card. It would be interesting to know that AMD produces their processors keeping the ATI graphic cards in mind, whereas Intel makes their laptops to run better with Nvidia graphic cards. Quite surprisingly, it was found that AMD machines had exceptional quality graphics as compared to Intel's.

Hence, if you are a hardcore gamer or like to watch everything in HD, then it is better to bet on an AMD processor laptop. Hence, AMD can be a clear winner between AMD vs Intel for gaming. We cannot neglect the reputation of Intel at the same time for producing some amazing processors time and time again. Again, Intel has lately stormed the market with their phenomenal 'Core i' series, which are truly amazing for their overall performance.

I would say, analyze as per your usage and then decide upon which is better, AMD or Intel. If you want your computer for multimedia use like for gaming, music or video editing, etc., and want a gaming laptop, then I would suggest to get an AMD powered machine. On the other hand, if you don't mind spending more on a computer for its overall performance and the efficient battery consumption, then nothing can be better than Intel. It can be analyzed that, with AMD processors, you are able to get 90% of overall satisfaction with 60% of price. Whereas, with Intel based machines you can get over 98% or more of overall satisfaction with equal percentage of price. The choice is yours! Cheers!

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