Data Recovery

 Data Recovery is an important job now a days. Data could be lost by any method intentionally or unintentionally. some time ago data was could not be recovered but now technology has came to this stage that everything is possible now a days. now you can recover data very easily and by simply just steps. all you need is a software i will prefer Power Data Recovery for your data recovery. Its fast and simple.
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Bridge-A Connecting Device

Uses of Bridges

1) Many commercial department and institution of higher education have their own LANs, which are used to interconnect personal computers, workstations and servers. Different commercial departments have different goals so they choose different LANs without considering to other departments work. Bridges are used if there is need for communication.

TCP/IP Reference Model

TCP/IP model define 4 layers that are as follows:

1) Internet layer :
Packet switching network depends upon a connectionless internetwork layer. This layer is known as internet layer, is the linchpin that holds the whole design together. Its job is to allow hosts to insert packets into any network and have them to deliver independently to the destination. They may appear in a different order than

Local Area Networks (LAN)

A single building or campus of few kilometers in size, LAN acts as privately owned networks. LANs are limited to a single building or group of buildings. By using telephone lines and radio waves, one LAN can be attached to other LANs over any distance. A system of multiple connections of LANs is called a wide-area network (WAN).

Integrated Services Digital Network

                Integrated Services Digital Network is a system with digitized phone connections, which has pure analog connection. It is the first protocol which describes on a digital communications line. This allows transmission of data, voice, video and graphics at very high speeds over standard communication lines carried by bearer channels (B channels) occupying a bandwidth of 64 kbits per second. A data channel (D channel) handles signaling at 16 kb/s or 64 kb/s depending on the service type. It is not limited to public

Paging File Size Recommendations

Many of us who run heavy applications, as I term it, on our computers are always in a dilemma as to whether we need a particular paging file. This article will thus help you in solving this query and many others and provide you with the paging file size recommendations. But before going into the technicalities of all these aspects, let us try to answer the basic question, what is a paging file and try to find out its importance

Computer Memory Types

Memory is one of the most important things that is incorporated into computers, be it laptop computers or PCs. There are various computer memory types installed, depending upon the actual need for functioning and specifications of the system. The computer memory relates to the many devices and components that are responsible for storing data and applications

What is Vertual Memory?

Virtual memory has become very common for most operating systems of desktop computers available. Computers these days have 64MB or 128MB of RAM space available for CPU operations. Considering the huge demands placed by computer users on the application programs, this space is not sufficient. Also users expect all these programs to run simultaneously which is not possible with the available space. Hence the need for virtual memory.

What is computer Ram

What is computer RAM? The term random in RAM refers to the fact that any piece of data can be returned in a constant time, irrespective of its physical location and whether it is related to the previous piece of data. RAM helps in accessing any byte of memory without touching preceding bytes. The word RAM is synonymous with the main memory and is reserved for computer related programs.

How to Easily Update your Computer's BIOS

    BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System, and it is typically a software that is embedded on the motherboard of a system. BIOS controls the hardwares such as disk drives, keyboard, mouse, display settings, pen drive etc., that are attached to it, and sends the information to the Operating System (OS) of a computer. Motherboard is the center of coordination in a computer that unites the hardwares of the system and enables communication between each other. Any upgrades that are required in a computer depends on the type of the motherboard and its inbuilt features.