The following article 'SCSI vs SATA vs IDE' is going to explain various details of these data communication interfaces. The competition between the three is at its zenith right now. It should be interesting to see what future lies ahead for these interface standards.

Computer Parts Information

What do you look for when you go to purchase a desktop computer or laptop computer for yourself. Of course, the answer is configuration. Besides, various computer manufacturers offer such good configurations at such reasonable prices that you really need to make a very wise decision before choosing between any of them. Now, without wasting much time any more on the reasons why should this article on computer parts information be written, let us straight away get into the details of the computer parts list

Computer Hardware Troubleshooting

There are different types of computer hardware, and of course, it would have been undoubtedly simple to deal with one computer hardware at a time and find out the problems associated with it. However, we know that when anything in our computer goes wrong, we are not completely aware of what exactly has happened, or rather, which computer hardware is causing the problem. So, I have decided that I will present to you the article in such a way that, we take up the problem first and then go for the computer hardware troubleshooting, rather than taking a look at the computer hardware and the problem that it can cause. Let us start off with the basic steps for troubleshooting computer hardware the right away

PC Hardware Tutorials

Today, each and every one of us makes use of a computer for some reason or the other. Offices, homes, banks, government centers, coffee shops, hotels, travel agencies, airports... the list is endless. In the age where a majority of people make use of a computer more regularly than they make use of their brains, it is imperative that one has some fundamental knowledge about the basics of the underlying hardware structure of a computer. You don't need to be an expert, just having some general knowledge about the different PC hardware parts and a few computer hardware basics is more than enough

Computer Hardware Basics

In an age where computers are being used for everything ranging from communication to cooking and from entertainment to education, you simply cannot afford to remain ignorant about computer technology any more. Change is inevitable. Times change, situations change and so do we. Updating our knowledge and skills is a must if we wish to keep up with the world. On that note, here are some computer hardware basics to welcome you into the wonderful world of computers.

Computer Hardware Repair and Maintenance

What is computer hardware? The hardware components like monitor, keyboard, CPU (Central Processing Unit), mouse and other I/O (Input-Output) devices, constitute a computer. The working of the monitor, keyboard, mouse and I/O devices depends largely upon the CPU. Due to some minor causes like loose connections or dust saturation, either of them can stop functioning. A few troubleshooting tips can be followed to correct such minor errors.

Hardware Repair: Computer Hardware Troubleshooting Tips and Tools

The computer hardware includes devices such as the mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer, scanner, etc. All are machines, and can at some or the other time fail to function. However, you can perform some basic computer troubleshooting tips to make them functional. If they don't seem to work with the troubleshooting tools, you need to send them for hardware repair. Let's discuss some of the computer troubleshooting tips that can generally be used.

Computer Hardware Solutions: How to Choose a Motherboard

The computer motherboard is the heart of your desktop computer. These days, motherboards are available in all sorts of combinations and numerous specifications. When you want to choose a computer motherboard, it is necessary to first decide the type of computer system you want. The motherboard you choose, must be compatible to the computer system. The motherboards should also be chosen after taking the purpose and the nature of the computer usage into consideration. Firstly, decide whether you want the desktop computer for playing games or for office use or just as an entertainment medium for watching movies.

Upgrading Computer Hardware - How to Upgrade Graphics Card

The graphics card is also known as video card, graphic controllers, graphics accelerators or display cards. The graphics card is a PCB (printed circuit board) that has three major components. These components are video memory, video BIOS and graphics processing unit.

Computer Hardware Comparison: Compare Video Cards

Video cards are used for desktop publishing and multimedia development. Video cards are found in PCs, Macs and even game consoles such as Xbox. A video card has many purposes. It is used to render graphics in a computer. It converts video recorded by a camera into digital video, it compresses video into MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 format. It lets you watch TV channels on a computer and also allows the user to interact with a computer using a light pen.

32 Bit vs. 64 Bit Processors

Before we get into the details, let us try to understand, what this big fuss of a larger number of bits, is all about. A bit is the short form of a binary digit, i.e. 0 or 1. Computers store and perform operations on these binary digits. So, it can be very easily concluded that a 32 bit processor can represent numbers from 0 to 232, while 64 bit processors can represent numbers from 0 to 264. Thus, most of us will simply conclude that, since 64 bit processors can perform calculations on a greater range of numbers as compared to the 64 bit processors; then, of course, they are better. But wait, we need to consider a few more points, before we reach our conclusion.

What is a Motherboard

A motherboard is the most important component in the CPU. It is a piece of hardware that is a circuit, and is flat and rectangular in shape. It consists of the computer's micro-processing chip with many components attached to it that play a very important role in the operation of the computer system. It is a circuit on which everything is connected to something. It has many other names like main board, system board, and logic board and also 'mobo' as an abbreviation. It has many ports and slots which can be used by other computer hardware peripherals. Components like RAM,

What are Computer Chips Made Of

Computer chips are small electronic circuits manufactured from semiconductor materials like silicon. A computer chip consists of an electronic circuit, which is embedded onto a semiconducting material. Typically, a computer chip is very small in size and bears several electronic components on it. In a computer, there are many such chips that are placed on electronic boards known as printed circuit boards (PCB).

Examples of Computer Hardware

Hardware is the physical aspect of a computer. While computer software exists in the form of ideas and concepts, computer hardware exists in substance. By definition, the different parts of a computer that can be touched constitute computer hardware. Computer hardware includes central processing unit, motherboard, microchips as well as computer peripherals like input-output and storage devices that are added to a host computer to enhance its abilities. Here is an overview of the different kinds of computer hardware.
As the name suggests, the Uninterruptible Power Supply is an appliance that is used to provide a continuous supply of power to an electrical device. It can provide power to the device even when the main power supply source is temporarily shut down, such as during a blackout. At such times, the UPS provides the device with its own stored power. Thus, a UPS

I/O Devices

In this modern world, almost controlled by computers, people had to come up with a whole set of new words for everything our computers are made of. I bet it wasn’t that easy, but for sure it is very hard for the average user to have a clue as to what some of them mean.

This article tries to enlighten at least one, which is I/O

The Day of the Smelly Computer has Arrived!

Your computer stinks! If you have one of the new scent producing computer peripherals on the market, this statement might not be meant metaphorically. Companies like  Trisenx are trying to revolutionize computers and the internet through the power of scent. Imagine receiving an email from your husband and it contains a picture of a beautiful bouquet of roses, complete with their delicate sweet scent. With a computer peripheral like Trisenx’s scent dome, this is now possible.

How to Build a Gaming Computer

Gaming has been taken to a whole new level today, with 3D graphics, great story lines and unmatched action scenarios. If you take your gaming seriously and are planning to buy a new PC, exclusively for gaming, why not think about building one on your own? Buying gaming laptops from brands like Alienware can cost a fortune, but you can get the same functionality offered by these branded machines by building a custom made gaming computer, with the combination of the best computer hardware. It is a sensible and economical choice. The added plus is that you get to learn all about computer hardware assembly.
This Buzzle article is short guide on how to build a gaming computer from scratch. I will primarily talk about choosing the various computer hardware parts, required for assembly. You will need to figure out how to assemble a gaming computer on your own, by reading through the manuals that comes with the hardware equipment. Still, I provide a basic overview of assembling the PC.

For Geeks, Gamers and Power Users, a Custom Computer is Best

Geeks, online gamers and power business computer users such as graphic designers and photo/video editors generally have a closer relationship with their computers than the average user. In fact, they really have to. In order to get the most out of modern interactive video games, gamers need processor speed, memory and killer audio and graphics. Designers and photo editors, along with other power users, can do without the hard-core gaming video, but still need the muscle that comes with serious processor and memory power, as well as a more enhanced video/graphics card than a standard business user. For those who are merely geeky, having a workhorse box is simply a way of life.

How to Build a Computer

           If you are thinking of buying a great performing personal computer, then the best way is to personalize it. This means selecting all the components yourself, and assembling them together yourself. This way you can create a customized computer yourself, which meets your needs and budget. So, let us start discussing the parts you will need to buy and the steps involved in how to build a computer from scratch.

Selecting Components

How to Assemble a Computer

                 Building a computer can be one of the most exhilarating experiences. Assembling a computer is not as difficult as it previously used to be, and there are a number of benefits of it as well. The most prominent benefits include, you learn a lot about computer hardware, you are in a better position to choose better components for your system, besides saving some money and having fun all the way. In case any of the parts stop functioning, you can undertake computer repair and have them replaced yourself, or older components can be replaced by components with the latest technology, which will ensure, that your machine has a longer life. Once you read on how to build a computer, you will also understand, you may not require a number of tools for this task. Rather you will need a screwdriver, needle nose pliers and an anti-static wristband. We will now see how to assemble a computer step by step

Assembling a Computer

If you have decided to take on the task of assembling a computer yourself, it would be better that we spend some time in taking some safety precautions. The safety precautions that I am going to list in this article are extremely important and all of them need to be taken seriously.

Safety Tips While Assembling a Computer

First of all, since the word is assembling,

How to Build a Computer from Scratch

Don't worry, you do not need a very detailed knowledge of electronic components for learning how to build a computer from scratch. You don't have to design the motherboard of your computer, or start with studying the IC or processor technology. Here, in this article, we will just try to build a computer from start to finish, with just the basic knowledge of the basic computer components. One more thing, we will confine our discussion to building a desktop computer. First of all, we need to choose the right components and then we can go over to integrate them.

Building a Computer Checklist

A lot of people these days are opting to build a computer themselves, rather than buying a ready-made computer. By building a computer yourself, you have the liberty of getting a configuration you desire and also freedom to choose good quality and genuine parts for your computer. While buying parts to build your own computer, you should go about it in a particular order, as a lot of these components are interdependent, like a motherboard and processor or motherboard and drivers. It is not compulsory to follow the exact 'building a computer checklist' given below, but it does give a logical sequence to build a computer.

How to Build a Computer Step by Step

Often ready made desktops will not have the configurations which match one's needs and satisfaction. Many times those computers that have good configurations which you like are overpriced. The ready made personal computers look fancy, compared to assembled ones. On the other hand, opting for computer assembly step by step, will not only give you freedom to choose the best parts of different manufacturers, but will also allow you to build a computer at a much lower price, which will be a powerhouse with good processing speed and video quality. You will also get warranties on different electronic parts individually

How to Build Your Own PC

If you are interested in knowing how to build your own computer, then you don't need to search any further. The following paragraphs tell you how to build your own PC. Building your own computer is cheaper than buying one off the shelf. Most per-built computers are made with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) components, which are not of high quality. On the other hand, when you build your own PC, you can choose brand-name parts that are of high quality. But the manufacturer of a per-built computer can offer you support, if you have a problem; which is not the case, if you build the computer.

Building your own computer